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Brexit shipping

How Has Brexit Affected Shipping from Germany to the UK?

Can I get perfume to the UK?

Yes you can but each order should stay within €135 if you want to avoid import tax. 

What if my order is over €135?

If your shopping cart is over €135 you are now required to pay 'customs duty' on your orders due to the UK's exit from the European Union.

How does Brexit affect shipping from Germany?

Unfortunately, carriers have raised their prices for shipping to and from the United Kingdom. However, we still provide free shipping to the UK on all orders.

What can I buy without paying extra customs duty?

All single products on our website fit within this bracket from our Sample Kit to full size bottles.

How can I avoid paying extra tax but also spend over €135?

The answer is pretty simple: Split. Your. Order.

Where can I read more about this?

You can find all relevant information at